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Perfect sequence, always? Optimize order sequences and reduce set-up times with FEKOR.

FEKOR – production planning and production management

FEKOR is an abbreviation for 'production coordination'. It is a planning system for manufacturing facilities, which enables the planners and schedulers to ensure that customer orders can be completed as requested. FEKOR includes both the materials management, referring to the planning and provisioning of materials, components and finished products, as well as production planning, referring to the work processes in manufacturing.

The system is operated through a graphical control centre, which provides the perfect overview of orders and keeps track of upcoming requirements and changes.

FEKOR is designed in a way that can easily absorb and process the practical features of every manufacturing company.

FEKOR supports the corporate goal: timely delivery of products and goods and cost-reduction in production.

FEKOR calculations are extremely fast and can be done at any time needed. You can re-optimize schedules immediately when unexpected events occur. Such events being a failure of work stations or productions aids, which would cause delays throughout the whole process. FEKOR directly shows the consequences in the production plan for all impacted orders and provides a new production plan within moments.


FLS production planning - standard interfaces


Benefits of FEKOR production control

  • The FEKOR control center gives full control over production and disposition and makes operational events in production visible and transparent.
  • The clear planning board visualizes manufacturing processes and their interdependencies.
  • Companywide consequences of planning actions are calculated in seconds.
  • Cost-intensive set-up and waiting times are avoided by smart sequence scheduling.
    Capital lock-ups through intermediate storage are reduced.
  • Production planning and materials management form an inseparable unit in FEKOR. The production planning software supports your business with a reliable material requirements planning and material flow planning. The coordination between production planners and material schedulers is facilitated and customer requests can be answered quickly.

FLS production planning - control centre screen shot