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What ‘DEVOURS’ your profit?

Is your production 'DEVOURING' your profits?
Get the most out of your production!

How? The production planning software FEKOR uses features such as material, color or shape of an article. By optimizing the production sequence, the system reduces set-up times to a minimum. The main idea is to identify the underlying cause of a set-up time, as the total time for the set-up is made up of several components.

Benefits overview:

  • Automated calculation of the best production sequence
  • Onetime recording of item specifics into the system
  • Significant reduction of time spent updating spreadsheets
  • Up to 35% decrease in set-up times

Let us inspire you and discover how production planning can improve your market position.



3 possibilities to get more out of your production.

  • Minimize costs and increase profits
  • Discover and use the hidden potential of existing resources
  • Secure delivery through the automated plan control

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