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Production planning and control, production scheduling, ERP connection

Reliability through standard - connect to other systems

FEKOR - detailed planning and scheduling with or without an ERP

In combination with an ERP system, such as SAP, FEKOR is your partner for production planning. FEKOR uses all data - master and transactional data - from the superior ERP system, which eliminates redundant data storage.

The data transfer takes place automatically or when required.

Additional information which is not provided by the ERP but is useful for detailed planning can be entered directly in FEKOR. Once the planning is completed, FEKOR can report back the new plan to the ERP system, so the resulting information is available there.


FLS production planning - ERP connectivity FLS production planning - ERP connectivity as APS and MES


Benefits overview:

  • No redundant data storage
  • Add-on to existing ERP system instead of replacing it
  • Timely delivery and profit optimization
  • Set-up time improvement
  • No double assignment of any resource
  • Creation & customization of production orders
  • Automatic Plan Control
  • Optimized plan proposal
  • Speed and flexibility of the system

FEKOR production planning in combination with an ERP system

When used with an ERP system FEKOR solves the well-known conflict: which system generates the production orders. Since FEKOR knows your production and materials management in detail, it generates production orders and transmits the data back to the ERP system.


FLS production planning - ERP connectivity used as APS or MES


FEKOR production planning without an ERP system

If you are not using an ERP system, FEKOR can take over some tasks of an ERP system. As a standalone solution FEKOR is successfully implemented in small and medium-sized businesses.


FLS production planning - ERP connectivity structure without ERPFLS production planning - used standalone as APS or MES