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Production planning and control, control center, simulation

FLS has more than 35 years of experience of introducing planning systems in the manufacturing industry. We help you to optimize your production.

Simulation – Operational decisions based on predictive planning

FEKOR control center allows you to simulate operational situations, without compromising on functionality or interfering with the daily operations.

FLS production planning - simulation


FEKOR can help you answer the following questions for future planning:

  • Is your production suitable for a planned production increase?
  • What plants shall be procured additionally? Which can be used for other purposes?
  • What is the impact of reducing the stock of individual items?
  • What is the optimal lot size of individual products?
  • What are the consequences of changing the product mix?
  • Does it make sense to shift some production to another plant?
  • Should some operations be outsourced to an external manufacturer?
  • ...