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Perfect sequence, always? Optimize order sequences and reduce set-up times with FEKOR.

Optimize set-up times

Set-up times and associated costs offer the largest potential for savings in production. Through optimizing set-up times and costs you can achieve to

  • increase machine utilization, minimize standstill
  • minimize lead times
  • reduce stock
  • reduce planning effort
  • optimize schedules according to delivery dates and costs

For the set-up time optimization FLS uses the approach of item classification, which is more flexible and less time consuming than the use of a set-up time matrix:

  • Product item classification by item features
  • Dependencies of processes are considered
  • Set-up times are captured based on characteristics (material, color, shape, changing times, temperature profile, etc.)

Benefits overview:

  • Automated calculation of the best production sequence
  • One time recording of item specifics
  • Significantly reducing time spent updating spreadsheets
  • Up to 35% decrease in set-up times

FLS production planning set-up time optimization