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Production planning and control, Resource management, personnel planning, labor planning

FLS has more than 35 years of experience of introducing planning systems in the manufacturing industry. We help you to optimize your production.

Optimized labor planning

Plan your staff based on order situation and skills and use your production plant more efficient. The ultimate goal is to have the workforce at the right time at the right machine, to obtain an efficient use of the production plant.

Benefits overview:

  • Employee qualifications are stored in the system for each work station or machine
  • Availability of staff is guaranteed (no unnecessary down time)
  • Optimization is either done through demand (important for seasonal peak planning) or subject to availability (without hiring additional staff in order to avoid higher costs)
  • Bottleneck warning

Including the staff in the optimization process avoids unnecessary waiting times of personnel or machines. Unproductive phases are minimized, thus your profit will be increased.


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