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Production planning and control, Resource management, material planning

FLS has more than 35 years of experience of introducing planning systems in the manufacturing industry. We help you to optimize your production.

Material planning - You only can process what's available

Rescheduling a production order results in changing incoming components and raw materials, as well as the outflow of the parts produced. This can affect the delivery dates and the quantity of products produced. The processed components are no longer available for other orders and delays will occur. The parts produced are not available anymore for other orders or items are ready for further processing or delivery. FEKOR considers these interrelations and knows which materials are available and when.

FEKOR – production planning system functions:

  • Production planning and materials management are one unit
  • Interdependencies are included
  • Time- and quantity-based adjustments of material flows
  • Staff availability and qualifications are integrated
  • Bottleneck warning

Benefits overview:

  • Flexibility - ability to react fast to changes of orders and sequences
  • Optimize and re-schedule efficiently
  • Avoid unnecessary down times or waiting periods of personnel or machines