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Production planning and control, production scheduling, manufacturing planning

Perfect sequence, always? Optimize order sequences and reduce set-up times with FEKOR.

FLS  – production planning and control in perfect sequence

Production facilities are different in every manufacturing company and often very complex. Different systems work together interdependent and it is important to understand industry-specific requirements. Manufacturing operators face unique business challenges, which we help to address.

Your objectives:

  • On-time deliveries
  • Profit optimization
  • Time-saving and cost-reducing production planning
  • Respond effectively to last minute orders or unplanned events

FLS offers the solution! Production planning that understands your production processes and optimizes them.

FLS FertigungsLeitSysteme (production control systems) is specialized in Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES). FLS offers the detailed planning software FEKOR for production coordination, which can be combined with a separate material flow detection system and a data acquisition system (DAQ). The software can be integrated to your existing IT environment or work as a stand-alone system.