Target. Shot and victory.

Last Thursday, around 25 decision-makers from the manufacturing industry met in Boppard with the aim of hitting the bull’s eye with the motto of the same name. High above the Rhine Valley, after a short period of getting to know each other, arrows and bows were drawn and shot in. Divided into three teams, all of them made it their business to shoot the most points against each other full of energy and with a lot of play instinct. After this successful entry into the event, the participants had left the everyday life behind and could concentrate fully on the following lectures.

The topic of the evening was Industry 4.0 and Wolfgang Nitschke, from nit networks, provided the introduction with a socio-economic perspective on the topic, followed by an insight into the research work and projects of the IKV of the RWTH Aachen by Pascal Bibow. Stefan Merkle, from Merkle und Partner, concluded as last speaker with a lecture on the practice of simulation, which gave many participants for the first time a concrete insight into this complex topic. The lectures provided some food for thought which invited the participants to discuss during and after the lecture. All participants agreed on the lively conversations until late into the night: it was another successful event that hit the bull’s eye!