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Manufacturing Execution System (MES), MES System, production planning and scheduling

FLS has more than 35 years of experience of introducing planning systems in the manufacturing industry. We help you to optimize your production.

Manufacturing Execution System (MES)


A Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is a system used for the efficient management of production processes. The competitiveness of a business is improved through the optimization of order processing and manufacturing processes.

An MES is distinguished primarily by the fact that it is directly linked to the business processes and allows controlling of the production in real time.

The MES collects all data that has direct impact on the manufacturing process. These include for example production data acquisition (DAQ), the material flow detection, and personnel work time logging. The data collected builds the basis for production planning and optimization.

Typically the MES is connected with an ERP system to make sure that the available resources are used efficiently when planning the production. The automated MES software's task is to implement the objectives set by the management.

Are you looking for a versatile MES system?

Specific features of the MES FEKOR

The MES software FEKOR can be used in the following two options:

  • MES as an add-on to an existing ERP system: If there is an existing ERP, FEKOR can be used as a complementary MES (or APS). If there is already an MES in place, FEKOR takes over the tasks of an APS. The software is suited to fulfill the functions of MES and APS as well as the generation of production orders.
  • Use without an ERP system: FEKOR can be used without any ERP system, as the system is suited to take over important functionalities of an ERP. This solution suits well for small and medium enterprises.

In both cases the production orders are generated inside our MES, which results in huge benefits compared to other systems.

  • Low maintenance effort, as one system knows and plans the entire production.
  • FEKOR knows the manufacturing environment of the operation due to the integrated control of numerous data. The result is an optimized order processing, which is aligned to the existing capacities in production. There is a great advantage compared to production planning in the ERP, which has limited knowledge of the production conditions.