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Production planning and control, Managing item groups and reduce set-up times

Perfect sequence, always? Optimize order sequences and reduce set-up times with FEKOR.

Managing item groups

Similar items are grouped to avoid unnecessary set-ups

If an article is needed, FEKOR automatically verifies the demand and stock of all other items in the same item group. The stock coverage indicates how long an item can still meet the demand from existing stock.

The Item Group Management function in FEKOR pursues the goal to replenish all items in the same group, at the safety stock level set by the planner. As an outcome all articles are produced at the same time when the target level is reached. No item has to be produced in single production.

On the one had the production of similar products results in reduced set-up time and on the other hand the defined stock level assures that no items need to be produced ad-hoc in-between. Both effects decrease the production set-up expenditures.

Benefits overview:

  • Reduce set-up times
  • Comply to safety stock levels
  • Decrease of single item production runs