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Production planning and control in industrial producution, (PP), APS, MES, PPC

Smooth processes in your production with FEKOR.

Industrial Production - Production optimization at the push of a button

Your business has special requirements for the production environment. Especially in the field of industrial production, there are many features and procedures to be adhered to. The market demands greater flexibility and cost pressures are forcing companies to optimize productions even more. Lean production is strived for, through the optimization of processes and by minimizing waste. The results are shorter lead times, greater flexibility and delivery reliability.

The software FEKOR provides production planning and optimization through the automated calculation of the best possible production schedule, while minimizing costs and meeting delivery times.
Our customers have trusted FEKOR and the associated optimizations for years. Just-in-time: production planning by the minute.

Benefits overview:

  • Optimize production plans by delivery dates and costs
  • Reduce set-up times
  • Actionable production plans with no double occupancy of resources
  • Automated Plan Control for changes in the production environment and dependencies

FLS provides the production planning solution which improves your business profits and control.

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