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FLS has more than 35 years of experience of introducing planning systems in the manufacturing industry. We help you to optimize your production.

About FLS

FLS FertigungsLeitSysteme (production control systems) was founded in 1979 by Dr. Hanns Jürgen Hüttner in Aachen. With the production planning system (PPS) FEKOR for production coordination, FLS has been the expert for production planning and material flow detection on the market ever since.

GRP, also founded in 1979 in Aachen, specializes in the process of the entire shop floor in the manufacturing industry (MES, CAQ, DNC, TPM, etc). In 2010, Manfred Keuters, as the current Managing Partner, takes over GRP and has continued to lead the company successfully and with steady growth, particularly on the international market.

The importance of a reliable Manufacturing Execution System (MES System) for production, which controls the growing complexity of today's requirements, is unquestionable. The systems of FLS and GRP have been successfully implemented at joint customers for decades and complement each other ideally.

Since 2016, both systems are combined under one roof in order to foster the expertise of both divisions even more. Together, Manfred Keuters (Managing Director of GRP) and Janina Keuters (Managing Director of FLS) will lead both companies into the future. The merger of these two pioneers will enable customers to benefit from the long-term know-how of both systems and will be used as an industrial platform in the future.

FLS and GRP systems are used in numerous companies within the plastics, food, machinery, automotive and metal industries. Among others, GRP and FLS customers include world leaders such as Eaton, MöllerTech, Hachez, Geberit, AS Tech, Ceralia, Münz-Prägstatt, DELPHI, Brück, P & G, HEWI and Georg Fischer.