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Fascination Potential: Is your production at its limits? production planning and control, optimization

Is your production at its limits? We discover the hidden potential of existing resources.

10 production orders on 1 machine result in
.... 3.6 million possible combinations


FEKOR has all the information to create an ideal production plan according to the company's objectives, to deliver on time and to minimize costs.

The FEKOR production optimization selects the best sequence and takes into account all resources and cost factors. It lowers:

  • Your set-up costs by 15 - 35 %
  • Your stock-keeping / capital lockup by 25 - 50 % and uses your capacities to the greatest extend.

Let us inspire you and discover how production planning can improve your market position.


3 possibilities to get more out of your production.

  • Minimize costs and increase profits
  • Discover and use the hidden potential of existing resources
  • Secure delivery through the automated plan control

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