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Production planning and control, optimization, Expiration dates and seasonal peaks

'Internal’ and ‘external’ shelf life data integrated in the planning process.

Expiration dates and seasonal peaks

Perishable products are often an issue when it comes to bottlenecks in production due to seasonal peaks or holiday periods. The demand for certain products, such as chocolate Santa's, is then greater than the normal capacity.

With a great variety of those products, manual planning is a challenge, especially when demand changes are very dynamic. The limited shelf life/expirations dates of products add to that complexity, as the planer needs to consider all the requirements for different products and ingredients. Examples can be found in the chocolate industry with the different shelf life of milk and bitter chocolate. Bitter chocolate products have a lower percentage of milk and cream and can therefore be produced weeks earlier than milk chocolate.

The planning software FEKOR is ideally suited to handle seasonal business needs and has the 'internal' and 'external' shelf life data integrated in the planning process.

Benefits overview:

  • Identify bottlenecks early
  • Pre-production for products with a longer shelf life
  • Plan with shelf life limitations
  • Automatically compensate seasonal peaks