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FEKOR - in use

10 production orders on 1 machine result in
.... 3.6 million possible combinations

Watch this short video (German) on how production optimization is achieved with FEKOR.

FEKOR has all the necessary information to create an ideal production plan according to the company's objectives to deliver on time and minimize costs.

During the process of production optimization the system does comparative calculations, which consider delivery dates, staff, machines, production tools and material costs. It also considers the costs of worse alternatives, set-up costs as well as inventory costs and costs of tied-up capital.
The production orders in the plan are reviewed based on time, evaluated regarding costs, and compared with other possible positions in the production schedule. The FEKOR production optimization selects the optimal sequence according to the principle: We can deliver on time and produce with minimal costs along the supply chain.


FLS production planning - cost calculations in FEKOR