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Production planning and control in the beverage industry, (PP), APS, MES, PPC

Filling made ​​easy - Beverage industry

The market demands more flexibility from you, as customer habits change and the product range adapts to the trends which results in more variety and smaller order quantities.

Especially in the beverage industry it is important to consider many requirements and processes, such as the various ingredients, special processes in brewing fermentation, storage, filtration to bottling plants, empty containers, cleaning and hygiene.

Each company has its specific processes and it is important to guarantee quality and safety, shelf life, to meet deadlines, and to reduce production costs.

Liter must be converted into units (bottles) or vice versa? The production planning software FEKOR has these functionalities already build in for you.

Special requirements such as extended shelf life, cleaning processes, raw material pretreatment, tank and silo management, ingredients, requirements for organic food, and reverse logistics are topics which are included in the production planning process with our software.

We have the right solution for your business.