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Automated Plan Control secures delivery dates

Automated Plan Control for production planning and control

Production plans are critical for any manufacturing company. The reason is simple: if short-term changes are not recognized quickly and plans are adjusted, the delivery dates and therefore customer relations, penalties and profits are at risk.

Control events and interdependencies in seconds FLS Control Center - events and impacts as in a chain reaction

The impacts linked to a failure are not limited to the affected order or the affected workplace. Usually they also impact subsequent stages of other jobs. Also shared resources such as specialized personnel can turn into a temporary bottleneck

With conventional planning methods the production planner is not able to respond and manage changes with a short response time. These systems only display the planner that there are problems, but do not immediate present a new plan.


Automated Plan Control knows immediately alternativesFLS - Control Center - control events and impacts

The production planning software FEKOR displays for any changes immediately the interconnected impact for the entire operation. In FEKOR each event triggers an internal analysis, in which the system examines all the dependencies across divisions. At the control centre the planner will be informed of the consequences of the impacted order and all resulting consequences for the subsequent stages of the production and work stations. He can see the impact across the entire plan, for several weeks or months. The planner can instantly create an optimized plan through the system.

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FLS Control Center - events and impacts